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The research conducted by our working group is focused on methods for developing embedded software that meets high quality standards. Current goals concern object-oriented methods, especially with respect to applications in safety-critical, highly available real-time systems. The ongoing growth of software and its distributed architecture is particularly considered. Many projects are conducted in collaboration with industrial partners.

We are always looking for interested students who want to engage in research about one or more of the following topics. If you are interested please contact one of our staff members so we can discuss your interests and ideas.

Possible topics may be (not exclusively) in the field of:

Currently offered theses

Title Diversity for Safety and Security of Autonomous Vehicles against Accidental and Deliberate faults
Type Thesis (Bachelor-/Master-/Diplom)
Person of contact Anil Patel (see PDF)
Link PDF

Title Comparison of user friendliness, capabilities, and performance of C++ threading models
Type Master thesis
Person of contact Jasmin Jahic (see PDF)
Link PDF

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