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WS 2019/20

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Safety and reliability are important quality characteristics in the technical field of software applications. In many application areas - e.g. railway engineering, avionics, automotive, medical technology - a malfunction of the software can endanger human lives. It is therefore necessary to carry out a safety certification process before commissioning such systems. These certifications must be complete and prove that the residual risk is below an acceptable level.

Relevant techniques for safety and reliability analysis for software and systems are presented. In addition to identifying and evaluating risks, the acceptance of risk is considered.




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Liggesmeyer
Room 32-425
Contact: Please contact the secretary's office (link)


The lecture SRES consists of 2 SWS lecture and 1 SWS tutorial.

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Felix Möhrle
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Anil Ranjitbhai Patel
Room: 32-435
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