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Lecture Slides / Folien zur Vorlesung

On this page you can find additional material for the lecture.


Here the lecture slides will be provided chapter-by-chapter. The slides are provided in the PDF format.

Important: The slides shall support the understanding of the lecture. They are not an appropriate substitute for the lecture. To get a deeper insight of the treated topics and especially the interdependencies between the topics, it is advised to come to the lecture. Additional literature for the treated topics can be found on our literature-page.

To open the PDF files you can use the free PDF Adobe Reader .

Chapter Title Slides Changed Changes
Chapter 0 Administrative Issues PDF 18.10.2012 date first exercise
Chapter 1 Introduction PDF 08.10.2012
Chapter 2 Terminology PDF 08.10.2012
Chapter 3 Overview PDF 22.10.2012
Chapter 4 Dynamic Test PDF 22.10.2012
Chapter 5 Unit Test, Integration Test, System Test - An Object-Oriented Example PDF 22.10.2012
Chapter 6 Software Measurement PDF 22.10.2012
Chapter 7 Data Flow Anomaly Analysis PDF 21.01.2013 Slides 17,21
Chapter 8 Slicing PDF 21.01.2013 Slides 6,7,9,10,11
Chapter 9 Conclusions PDF 03.12.2012

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