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Seminar Software-Engineering

The SEDA chair offers the joint software engineering seminar for bachelor and master students. The seminar topics are from the software engineering domain with a focus on The goal of the seminar is the introduction into scientific methods including the critical reading, understanding, summarizing and presentation of published scientific papers.

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All organizational details were discussed at the kickoff-meeting. The slides are available from here.


Kickoff-Meeting 10-20-2015
Annotated TOC 11-27-2015
First version of paper 01-15-2016
Review of other papers 01-22-2016
Final seminar paper 02-05-2016
Presentation 02-04-2016 and 02-08-2016

Topic Allocation

No. Topic BA/MA Supervisor Student Presentation
1 Comparison of quantitative security metrics MA Kai Bizik Steffen Holzer 04.02.2016, Slot 4
2 The (In)Security of Modern Vehicles BA Kai Bizik Julian Rothermel 08.02.2015, Slot 4
3 The Functional Mockup Interface BA Christian Wolschke Kevin Bartik 04.02.2015, Slot 1
4 Attack-modeling vs. Attacker-modeling BA Michael Roth Florian Krebs 08.02.2016, Slot 2
5 Dynamic Fault Tree Modeling BA Michael Roth Maxime Kounibissi 08.02.2016, Slot 3
6 Dependability of Autonomous Systems MA Sebastian Müller Thejashree Nair 04.02.2016, Slot 7
8 Power Management of the Android Kernel MA Felix Möhrle Kalinka Cikarska 04.02.2016, Slot 3
9 Component Types in Cyber-Physical Systems MA Felix Möhrle Fabian Kreis 04.02.2016, Slot 5
10 Simulations of Cyber Physical Systems MA Christian Wolschke Nicolas Engel 04.02.2016, Slot 2
12 Analysis and Evaluation of secure-usable Applications MA Kai Bizik Pablo Miangolarra 08.02.2016, Slot 6
13 Vulnerability Taxonomies for Hardware MA Kai Bizik Amit Rajendra Desai 04.02.2016, Slot 8
14 Adoptions of Safety Analysis Techniques to the Security Domain MA Michael Roth Hamid Arsalan 08.02.2016, Slot 1
16 Runtime Safety Certification MA Sebastian Müller Christopher Stangohr 04.02.2016, Slot 6
18 Security Challenges in a Virtualized Environment MA Felix Möhrle Adrian Vladu 08.02.2016, Slot 5


The seminar will be held in English. Bachelor students are free to choose German or English.


Please use the modified LNCS-Template for your paper. The official LNCS Proceeding-Templates can be found here. Your paper should be about 10 pages (bachelor) or 15 pages (master) long (not including figures).


The template and hints for the review are available here.


Please use our template for Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Your presentation must not exceed 15 minutes (bachelor) or 20 minutes (master).