Lehrstuhl Software Engineering: Dependability
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WS 2010/11

Inhalt des Seminars

Ausgewählte Themen aus dem Bereich Software Engineering, insbesondere


Selected topics in software engineering, especially



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Liste Bachelor-Studenten

Anforderung: ca. 10 Seiten Ausarbeitung/10 pages seminar paper

Teilnehmer Thema Betreuer Talk
Daniel Thielsch Android and Security Oliver Maschino 21.03.2011, 08:50
Malik Mlitat Survey on System Architectures Kavyashree Jamboti 23.03.2011, 16:30
Martin Schütz Business process testing and SOA testing Frank Elberzhager 23.03.2011, 15:10
Oliver Wasenmüller Visualizing Software Architectures Patric Keller 23.03.2011, 13:50
Pierre Iraguha Software Design Patterns in Different Areas Tasmil Arif 21.03.2011, 11:35

Liste Diplom- & Master-Studenten

Anforderung: ca. 15 Seiten Ausarbeitung/15 pages seminar paper

Teilnehmer Thema Betreuer Talk
Ajit Dusane Static quality assurance techniques plus tool support Frank Elberzhager 23.03.2011, 14:20
Andreas Adler Use case-based testing Frank Elberzhager 23.03.2011, 14:45
Chetan Arora Probabilistic Worst Case Execution Time Estimation: Survey and Current Topics Kai Höfig 21.03.2011, 10:10
Jose Mercado Variation Mechanisms of Software Product Lines Bo Zhang 21.03.2011, 09:20
Marcel Jung Securing Communication in distributed Systems Max Steiner 23.03.2011, 13:00
Miao Fang Test Case Generation of SPL-based Systems Bo Zhang 21.03.2011, 09:45
Dominik Holling Security Usability Testing Oliver Maschino 21.03.2011, 08:25
Nga Nguyen Integrating agile methods with product line engineering: Methods, Advantages and Issues Danh Nguyen 23.03.2011, 15:40
Qui Tran Android and Security Oliver Maschino 21.03.2011, 08:00
Sandra Arango Context models for context aware systems: an ontological view Adrien Mouaffo 23.03.2011, 16:05
Simon Schlosser Failure Visualization Sven Böttger 23.03.2011, 13:25
Thomas Dickopf Product Line Reverse Engineering for UML Models Carolina Gomez 21.03.2011, 10:45
Caroline Albuquerque Sensitivity analysis with respect to R.A.M.S (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) of a product line Carolina Gomez 21.03.2011, 11:10


Prof. Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer
Prof. Dr. Dieter Rombach


*= Dokumente inklusive der Quelldateien (LaTeX, Office) müssen an den Organisator und den Themenbetreuer gesendet werden. *= Documents including source files (LaTeX, Office) need to be sent to supervisor and topic supervisor.