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Requirements Engineering WS 2019

Lecture: Requirements Engineering

Lecture's Room Change: new room is 46-110

Lecture: Friday, room 46-110, 13:45 - 15:15

First date: 8 th of November, 2019

  • KIS
  • Dr. Jörg Dörr
    Phone: +49 (631) 6800 1601
    Email: Joerg.Doerr@iese.fraunhofer.de

    Further Information

    In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jörg Dörr.

    Exercises Information

    Important Update:
    The RE tool exercise for the Tuesday group is on February 11th.
    For all those, that could not participate on the 7th to the RE tool exercise we will have an additional RE tool exercise on February 14th.
    There will be a voluntary exercise number 7: February 21st, 10.00-11.30 Experiment on CrowdRE. For this exercise, a registration is required: if you want to participate (what I hope), please send an email to Stefanie.Obradovic@iese.fraunhofer.de directly, latest until Feb. 14th.

    The exercise will be in two groups: a Tuesday group and a Friday group. Please find your group assignment in this list.
    The dates of the exercise are irregular (i.e. not every week, but blocked).

    The Tuesday group has exercise from 11.45-13.15.
    The Friday group has exercise from 10.00-11.30.

    As mentioned, the exercises are irregular and the dates can be found in the list below(dates are subject to change, so please revisit regularly):

    Tuesday group:
    -4.2.2020 (Tool-Exercise 1)
    -11.2.2020 (Tool-Exercise 1)

    Friday group:
    -7.2.2020 (Tool-Exercise 1)
    -14.2.2020 (Tool-Exercise 1)

    All exercises will take place at Fraunhofer IESE. Please come and wait at the reception desk.

    Supplementary Material

    Lecture Slides
    Chapter Title Link
    0 Introduction Link
    1 Introduction cont‘d Link
    2 Requirements Specifications and Standards Link
    3 Natural Language Specification Link
    4 Requirements Elicitation Link
    5 Conceptual Modelling Link
    6 Requirements Validation and Negotiation Link
    7 Requirements Validation and Negotiation cont’d Link
    8 Requirements Management Link
    9 Information Systems RE Link
    10 Information Systems RE (BusinessProcessDataAnalysis) Link
    11 Information Systems RE (Use Cases) Link
    12 RE for Embedded Systems - Part1 Link
    13 RE for Embedded Systems - Part2 Link
    14 With Crowd-RE to better requirements Link
    15 Wrap Up Link

    1 Exercise 1 RE-Game presented Link
    2 Exercise 2 Natural Language Requirements Link
    3 Exercise 3 Information Systems - Business Process Modeling (Part1) Link
    3 Exercise 3 Restaurant Exercise Link
    4 Exercise 4 Information Systems - Business Process Modeling (Part2) Link
    5 Exercise 5 Embedded Systems - Exercise on SBS Link

    Supplementary Material
    1 SBS Additional Example Link

    General Literature and Links