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Dipl.-Inform. Felix Möhrle

Dipl.-Inform. Felix Möhrle


Researcher at the Software Engineering: Dependability chair


Dipl.-Inform. Felix Möhrle
TU Kaiserslautern
Building 32, Room 433
P.O. Box 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Tel: +49 (631) 205-3367
Fax: +49 (631) 205-3331
Email: moehrle@cs.uni-kl.de


My main focus of research is on the automation of safety analyses with a focus on the widespread Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). In order to accelerate the analysis process, a concept for the automated composition of models at component level is developed. The approach is based on previous work of the chair, in particular on Component Fault Trees (CFTs) and Component-Integrated Fault Trees (C2FTs).

CFT models are annotated with a type system for automated composition. The type annotations extend textual descriptions in the models with semantic information that can be processed using tools. This helps in automating the otherwise manual process of connecting interfacing elements in the models and accelerating the analysis process.

The approach is also viable for automating the exploration of the system design space regarding functional safety. Variable parts of the architecture for which multiple development alternatives exist are modeled with variants instead of concrete components. Variants define the functional interface in the architectural model and contain CFTs for every possible implementation. Several architecture models can thus be derived from the functional system model, for which CFTs are automatically generated and analyzed. Fault Tree Analysis thus becomes a benchmark for different system architectures.


List of publications see here


2017 until now Collaborative Embedded Systems (CrESt)
2014 to 2017 Safe Cyber-Physical Systems

Assistance in Teaching

WS19/20 Lecture Safety and Reliability of Embedded Systems
WS19/20 Seminar Software Engineering
SS19 Lecture Modellierung von Software-Systemen
WS18/19 Seminar Software Engineering
WS18/19 Lecture Projektmanagement
SS18 Lecture Software-Entwicklung 2
WS17/18 Lecture Projektmanagement
SS17 Lecture Software-Entwicklung 2
SS17 Seminar Software Engineering
WS16/17 Lecture Projektmanagement
SS16 Lecture Software-Entwicklung 2
WS15/16 Lecture Projektmanagement

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