Chair of Software Engineering: Dependability
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Liggesmeyer





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Staff Members

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Liggesmeyer

Building: 32
Room: 425
Role: Head of the Chair
Contact: Please contact the secretary's office

Caroline Frey

Building: 32
Room: 423
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3341
Role: Secretary
Email: frey@cs.uni-kl.de

Thomas Schneider

Building: 32
Room: 427
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3342
Role: Technical Support
Email: tschneid@cs.uni-kl.de

Researchers and PhD-Students

M.Sc. Rasha Abu Qasem

Building: 32
Room: 429
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3449
Role: Researcher
Email: abuqasem@informatik.uni-kl.de

M.Sc. Nikita Bhardwaj Haupt

Building: 32
Room: 435
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3334
Role: Researcher
Email: haupt@cs.uni-kl.de

M.Sc. Nishanth Laxman

Building: 32
Room: 424
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3269
Role: Researcher
Email: nishanth.laxman@cs.uni-kl.de

M.Sc. Brian Tewanima Löwe

Building: 32
Room: 431
Phone: +49 (631) 205-2629
Role: Researcher
Email: loewe@cs.uni-kl.de

Dipl.-Inform. Felix Möhrle

Building: 32
Room: 433
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3367
Role: Researcher
Email: moehrle@cs.uni-kl.de

M.Sc. Anil Ranjitbhai Patel

Building: 32
Room: 435
Phone: +49 (631) 205-3334
Role: Researcher
Email: patel@cs.uni-kl.de

External PhD-Students

Ahmad Adee

Company: Bosch

Emilia Cioroaica

Email: Emilia.Cioroaica@iese.fraunhofer.de

Jasmin Jahic

Email: Jasmin.Jahic@iese.fraunhofer.de

Fabio Leite

Email: fabioleite@gmail.com

Zai Müller Zhang

Email: Zai.Mueller-Zhang@iese.fraunhofer.de

Isabella Muniz

Email: isabella@cct.uepb.edu.br

Alexander Prohaska

Company: Audi AG
Email: prohaska@cs.uni-kl.de

Sven Theobald

Email: Sven.Theobald@iese.fraunhofer.de

Former Members

Kai Bizik
Sven Böttger
Carolina Gomez
Sebastian Müller
Kai Nehring

Former PhD-Students

Name Dissertation Title Year
Dr. Sebastian Müller Contract-Based Safety Certification for the Dynamic Adaptation Behavior of Networked Embedded Systems 2018
Dr. Christian Schmitt A Model for Structuring and Reusing Security Requirements Sources 2017
Dr. Michael Roth Qualitative Reliability Analysis of Software-Controlled Systems using State/Event Fault Trees 2017
Dr. Max Steiner Integrating Security Concerns into Safety Analysis of Embedded Systems Using Component Fault Trees 2016
Dr. Pablo Oliveira Antonino de Assis Improving the Consistency and Completeness of Safety Requirements Specifications 2016
Dr. Hassan Mohammad Verification and Performance Measurement for Transport Protocol Parallel Routing of an AUTOSAR Gateway System 2016
Dr. Michael Kläs HyDEEP: Transparent Combination of Measurement and Expert Data for Defect Prediction 2016
Dr. Thomas Bauer Enabling Functional Integration Testing by Using Heterogeneous Models 2016
Dr. Raga'ad AlTarawneh Visual Interactive Support for Understanding the Structural and Behavioral Aspects of Embedded Systems 2015
Dr. Taimur Khan Interactive Visual Analysis of Software Structures 2015
Dr. Sören Kemmann SAHARA A Structured Approach for Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments 2015
Dr. Zhensheng Guo Safe Requirements Engineering: A Scenario-based Approach for Identifying Complete Safety-oriented Requirements 2014
Dr. Bastian Zimmer Efficiently Deploying Safety-Critical Applications onto Open Integrated Architectures 2014
Dr. Daniel Schneider Conditional Safety Certification for Open Adaptive Systems 2014
Dr. Daniel Schmidt Safe Navigaton of a Wall-Climbing Robot - Risk Assessment and Control Methods 2013
Dr. Yi Yang Visual Support for Safety Analysis 2012
Prof. Dr. Kai Höfig Failure-Dependent Timing Analysis: A New Methodology for Probabilistic Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis 2012
Dr. Florian Schmidt Funktionale Absicherung kamerabasierter aktiver Fahrerassistenzsysteme durch Hardware-in-the-Loop-Tests 2012
Dr. Dominik J. Domis Integrating Fault-Tree Analysis and Component-Oriented Model-Based Design of Embedded Systems 2012
Dr. Frank Böhr Model-Based Statistical Testing of Embedded Real-Time Software with Continuous and Discrete Signals in a Concurrent Environment 2011
Dr. Nikolas Nehmer Exception Handling – A Systematic Log-Based Approach 2011
Dr. Gerrit Hanselmann On the principle of heterogeneous redundancy based Bayesian approach to integrate static and dynamic fault prediction models 2011
Dr. Mesut Ipek Eine Testfallspezifikationsprache für das funktionsorientierte Testen von reaktiven eingebetteten Systemen im automobilen Bereich 2010
Dr. Roland Neumann Orthogonalisierte Softwaremaße in der Fehlerprognose 2009
Dr. Christian Denger SafeSpection - A Framework for Systematization and Customization of Software Hazard Identification 2008
Dr. Robert Kalcklösch Gossip-Based Diagnosis of Arbitrary Component-Oriented Systems 2008
Dr. Benedikte Elbel Ein Modell zur Untersuchung der Formalisierbarkeit des funktionsorientierten Tests 2007
Dr. Bernhard Kaiser State/Event Fault Trees: A Safety and Reliability Analysis Technique for Software-Controlled Systems 2005
Dr. Christopher Robinson-Mallett Modellbasierte Modulprüfung für die Entwicklung technischer, softwareintensiver Systeme mit Real-time Object-Oriented Modeling 2005
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Lars Grunske Strukturorientierte Optimierung der Qualitätseigenschaften von softwareintensiven technischen Systemen im Architekturenentwurf 2004